This is the first part of my learning CSS series. This is where I document the things I am learning.

So let’s get to it. From the scratch.

What is CSS?

A Webpage that you view on the browser is made up of 3 things.

  1. Content
  2. Style
  3. Behaviour

As a developer, this is…

I have been mostly a backend developer for more than a decade. I have done some frontend work, but never felt really comfortable with it. I always felt I was trying to just make it work. One of the things that I found hardest in my frontend work was making…

C# properties are great. Getters and Setters were used before C# poperties became popular. You can see a C# property as an easy syntax to make your code look more readable and the compiler maintains the getters and setters for you. Take a look the video I made about it here.


Dapper is what I consider one of the essential libraries in the .NET world. It simple, fast and super easy to use. Here is a video that I made on it. In the video I talk about querying in different ways

  1. A simple select query
  2. A select query with a parameter
  3. A select query with 2 parameters.
  4. A select query with IN clause.

Most developers are driven to write good quality code. That drive mostly comes from being a developer who learns to do better every single time.

Some would write super clean code and maintain it like it’s their baby, following best practices and always on a watch in the code reviews…

In this post, I want to talk about types in F#. Types are used to model a certain data that a programmer wants in the software. There are primitive types available for F#, such as string and int. To model data we would compose these primitive types, and then it…

Assembly roundtripping is the act of decompiling an assembly to its IL( Intermediate Language) to edit it and then recompiling it to generate the assembly back.

In this post I am going to demonstrate how to roundtrip a .NET assembly.
To roundtrip, we need to

Tools required

  • ildasm
  • Visual Studio…

|> is called the pipe forward operator. Generally speaking, pipe connects 2 ends and have something of value flow through in a particular direction. With many pipes you can have a series of connections.

In F#, pipes allow the flow of values through functions. Pipes connect the values to the…

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